Tuesday, February 28, 2012



beyond hope
beyond words


                                                time to write
                                                and find
simple things
rust dreams

they didn’t have the time to think

they didn’t have time

            but it seems to be
            on my side

                        and i sit
                        with the lake in front of my face
                        industrial decay
                        decades behind

                                    carving through backyards

                                    what is work
                                    and how can we labor
                                    as hard as our father’s?

anxieties ride alongside amenities


                                    this is what they wanted
something true
beautiful like you
soft and sweet
to make up for years
of billows and abandonment

                                    i am trying to fit
                                    into history
                                    letting your hands lead the way

                                                            what were you thinking                                                                         when you died?
did you worry about your memory
or simply dream through the next day?

this is for all of you—
 the work and words the years and gears steam and diesel will always be a part of me but what exists outside of everything what happens when we get there and the ride is over do you take my hand or will you walk away like Faddie did every Monday through Thursday waking up at four in the morning kissing none of his children goodbye simply leaving before sunlight will you be the one to catch me in your hands and protect me from the darkness surrounding dreams always attempting to ruin everything and will you then return here with me in slow moving boxes across the Midwest or Eastern seaboard depending on where this story takes us any future is unsure this is for those who came before and the possibilities of something more

                                    Buffalo born in a hospital named Mercy

it is only now that this all makes sense to me
                                    discovering truth                                                                                     it rides with you 

beyond hope
beyond words

                                                            this is what they wanted

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