Thursday, January 26, 2012


the snow seems to be here to stay
this time
making it all at once
easier and harder
to breathe
making me remember
the reasons we dream

like your white kitchen countertops
your feet

arriving overnight
and prettiest in the morning light

Monday, January 23, 2012

a very very long time

in this photograph
written across your face
is a look of unimportance

an isolation only known
in context
by what looks to me
to be Russian

the numbers i can read

13 September 1914

the date civilization
turned its face
away from you


the date anyone who knew you
began to forget

while we lie together and
contemplate staying inside

our faces touch
our hands touch

our lips touch

one another

if anyone was watching
they would think
there is something worth working for
in this world

the date is unknown
sometime in late August

“dates are just like memories”
i think to myself
“they too leave”

as time moved forward
our brains
like filing cabinets

your lips
touch my lips

and i remember how it feels
to feel


in the future
faces won’t be remembered
but read
scanned and reconfigured
according to a lover’s requirements

photographs will be obsolete
wallets will be empty
and we will forget what it feels like
to see beauty

the present is always in fear
that the future won’t appreciate the past

will you still kiss me?
will you still believe?

the words i say will become dull
the words i say will become dull

the words i say will become small

will you still kiss me?

in the future 
faces fade
like old photographs